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Smart Technology

The way we live is changing. Smart technology is having a profound impact on our lifestyles and our mobiliy. We’re more connected online, but less healthy then we have ever been.

The proliferation of ‘social’ media has had the inverse effect; we’re less social and less happy with less genuine connection, lifestyle diseases are increasing in record numbers and our sense of community is low.


At the same time, the global sustainability crisis is looming. We’re using our natural resources at an unsustainable rate, more products, materials and widgets are being manufactured and disposed of at ever increasing rates, and more chemicals and pollutants are being used both in the indoor and outdoor environments adding to the toxic load on our lives and on the environment. With most companies out to make a financial profit, the true cost of their practices is pushed outward onto vulnerable populations and the environment.

Conscious Capitalism

But there is hope. Conscious capitalism, where people aim make a profit by doing good, is growing. Impact investing is also taking off. Smart technology is finally becoming  financially feasible. And wellness real estate is a profitable solution to many of these problems.

Wellness and sustainability overlap, but they are not the same. And in order for real estate that is both well and sustainable to scale at a level that makes a tangible overall difference, it needs to be financially feasible.

At Living Joy, that is exactly what we do.

We believe that people and the planet can thrive together, and that wellness real estate is a great foundation to get us there.

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