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Sustainable Real Estate Development

Wellness real estate is a $119 billion dollar industry across the world.

It’s growing faster than normal real estate.

It’s worth 10-25% more than non-wellness properites.

And you can invest with us to take advantage.

At Living Joy, we help people and the planet to thrive together by creating profitable solutions to real-world problems.


What is Wellness Real Estate?

Wellness Real Estate is an emerging asset class. The Global Wellness Institute states that it is already a $119billion dollar market, with a predicted growth rate of 9% per annum. However, wellness real estate isn’t yet defined nor common in the world market.

Most real estate projects with a wellness and sustainability focus have been in rural settings. However, the UN predicts that 65% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050.

Further, millenials, as a population, who are coming into their peak spending years, are trading space for location; choosing to live in smaller, denser homes close to lifestyle services and employment opportunties. This is a drastic change from the predescessing Generation X, who chose life in the suburbs in vast numbers.

At Living Joy, we have positioned ourselves perfectly to provide premium wellness real estate solutions for this drastically expanding market.

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